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CO2isacolorless gas with a density about 60% higher than that of dry air. Considered as best extinguishing gas. It suppress oxygen by eliminating heat, CO2 is most effective as afire extinguishing agent. NFPA -12 Rules and BIS 6382 Codes for design of such system are used as standard for CO2 Extinguishing or flooding system. CO2 gas generally stored in high pressure seamless steel cylinders is in liquid form with maximum filling ratio of 0.667 Kg/Ltr of cylinder volume.

In order to the fire hazard CO2 cylinders Quantity varies. On large hazards where several cylinders are required a manifold is used to connect each other by means of flexible hose and check valve. The cylinder's master valve is electronically operated and the slave valve is pressure actuated. The master valve can be automatically or manually operated. Flow rate of CO2 is controlled.


Mostideal for protecting paint and varnish manufacturing process area. For LT panels, control rooms (Power Plant), Powder coating and paint booths, transformers and sub- stations, rolling mills and turbines, false floors and cable shafts, etc... Primary Primary Slave Shave Slave Slave Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder SAFEPRO Carbon Dioxide Fire Protection System offers a unique high pressure that minimizes the potential loss of lives and properties by acting in lowering the fire temperature and reducing oxygen level below reignition point. CO2 Cylinders are made of seamless steel and available in various capacities. Cylinders, combined with other system parts provide a comprehensive system suitable for total flooding and local application scenarios.

Fire Suppression System


Kitchen fires are some of the fiercest and most difficult fire to fight and diminish. Fire hazard risk is very dangerous in commercial kitchen. Kitchen fire is generally due to burning of oil. In any kitchen there are inflammables like LPG on the premises, this aggravates the danger considerably. Kitchen; be it of asmall café or a large industrial kitchen SAFEPRO kitchen fire suppression system is equipped & ready to protect. Our fire extinguishers are wet chemical based and are specially designed to fight cooking oil fire arising in the kitchen with no flooding related collateral damage. The SAFEPRO Fire kitchen suppression system is designed for fire protection in hoods & ducts of cooking appliances & commercial kitchen and restaurants. SAFEPRO kitchen fire suppression system consists of wet agent tank enclosed in S.S mounting box, temperature rated sensors, linear heat sensing cable, control panel, nozzles & piping. The system can be provided with automatic actuation or manual actuation through a remote manual pull station. As the fire is detected, the control panel activates the system and the When the liquid agent is discharged onto a cooking appliance fire, it cools the grease surface, and reacts with the hot grease (saponification) forming a layer of soap-like foam on the surface of the fat.Upon actuation, agent is discharged onto the hazard area. Immediately following discharge, the waterline system is activated and it allows water to flow onto the same hazard areas. continually refurbishing the foam blanket and cooling the hot appliance to prevent reignition.

Kitchen - Wet Chemical Based